Plastic Recycling


Eaglestyle Ltd plastic reusing administrations to the development business, neighborhood specialists, and different organizations across London and the home regions.

We acknowledge a scope of blended or isolated inflexible plastics including plastic lines, street hindrances, and wheelie receptacles as well as delicate plastics like bundling.

Rigid plastics

Unbending plastics are arranged physically at our Material Recycling Facilities in Willesden, Enfield, and Canning Town guaranteeing a spotless item for ahead reusing.

These materials are baled and moved to remanufacturers in the UK to be softened and chipped into pellets which can then be utilized to make future plastic items

Soft plastics

More modest measures of delicate plastics that come to our destinations in blended loads are precisely handled into reject determined fuel (RDF) which is utilized to create energy from squandering in the UK and Europe. RDF requires a level of plastic to convey a high calorific worth, quality item to produce inexhaustible powers productively.

Sourcing the best outlets for waste plastics

Eaglestyle Ltd is focused on utilizing plastic materials, guaranteeing that squandered plastics are redirected from landfills and climbed the waste ordered progression.

Assuming that you are keen on our waste plastics, kindly reach us. We are especially keen on conversing with shut circle reusing plants in the UK and Europe.

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