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About Eaglestyle Ltd (Plastic Recycling )


Eaglestyle Ltd gives market-driving waste administrations to development and destruction organizations, neighborhood specialists, and business organizations working in London and across the UK. With six destinations in London, we additionally give nearby skip enlist administrations to householders, developers, and different organizations searching for seriously valued skirts nearby as well as outsider tipping for authorized squander transporters.

 Our up-to-date fleet of vehicles which are ULEZ consistent work across the UK, seven days a week. We look to provide secure and consistently convey feasible answers for every one of our clients. We work with the biggest Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs) in England. As an organisation we have handled 1 million tons of waste every year and give 100 percent redirection to our wide scope of clients.

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Eaglestyle Ltd (Plastic Recycling )

Our History

Eaglestyle Ltd was established in Manchester in 2020 by our Chairman, Mick Crossan. With the assistance of a well-established and esteemed group, we have grown essentially from that point forward. While staying an autonomous privately-owned company, we have accomplished steady natural development and an unparalleled presence across London and inclusion from one side of the country to the other. From our modest starting points, Eaglestyle Ltd is currently a £50million+ business utilizing around 240 individuals.

Eaglestyle Ltd in the community

With an ethos of ‘offering back’ introduced by our Chairman and organizer Mick and shared firmly by our Vice Chairman Edward, we utilize our supported development to help our nearby networks. Specifically, we accept unequivocally that the existence of burdened youthful Londoners can be worked on through game and opportunity. Our work locally, conveyed through the Eaglestyle Ltd Foundation and Eaglestyle Ltd Academy, is presented as essential to our organization as our waste administration administrations.